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Introducing our Patent Pending Mount for Off Road Camera / Underbody Lights

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Patent Pending Mount for Off Road Camera

You are on a narrow trail. A huge drop-off on your left. A rock wall on the right. The trail curves - Oh Sh!t: there’s a wash. You try to navigate around the hole and find yourself in a precarious off camber. Oh Mama! I can’t see what’s under my wheel! The trail? The abyss?


Well, Cyclops to the rescue: while it wont pave the road for you, who wants paved roads in a Jeep anyway, it will help you see what’s in front of your Jeep. And what’s in front of of your left wheel; and in front of your right wheel. How you ask? Here’s how:


Cyclops is a patent pending unique mount, especialy designed for off-road cameras (as well as for off-road lights if you wish). The unique swivel allows you to mount it at almost any angle, so that you can point the camera where you need it the most, such as under the nose of your Jeep, or in front of your wheels.


All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the sunny Arizona of USA.

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