We love our iPhones, same as you do. See below our list of iPhone mounts for your Jeep Wrangler JK.

Stay tuned for our soon to be released mount for the iPhone 6 and 7 models.

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Here's the gist of it:

We’ll have a new mount for iPhone 6/7 early next week.
We are very excited, since it will be like nothing else on the market:
  • it provides power to the iPhone, one can use Spotify, GPS, etc on the phone w/o fear of draining the battery
  • the power is via USB, so if you have a 430 or 930 head unit, you can play via it (as opposed to Bluetooth, which will still work if desired)
  • the mount attaches to the grab-bar, similar to our other mounts, so it’s very secure.
  • inserting and extracting the phone from the cradle is a one hand operation - super easy.
  • and yes, still Designed and Made in the USA.

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71 reviews

Great product. Fits perfect.
Thank you.

quit bugging me for a review already!

The Bad.....None, other than your nonstop requests for a review!! Knock it off already.
The Good....you make a.quality product that works better than expected (and justifies your rather high price). Used it while on several off road trails in Sedona thus week and did exactly what it was suppose to do with no issues.

Sorry if we annoyed you with our review requests, but this is only because we value your (and all our customers) feedback very much.
Great Product!

I really like this holder. fits the Yaesu FT60r great. although the instructions are scketchy it is obvious putting the 3 parts together. I accidentally bent one of the wings upon assembly and notified JEEPUNIQ immediately. I received two replacements in two days!

It held up awesome on the off road rocky trail and never lost the Handi talki from this holder. if you use a remote mic for the HT make sure it has the standard mic disc and not the belt clipon clip as the design is for the round disc found on most mic's.


Baofeng BF-S112 HAM Mic Holder + Baofeng UV5R Jeep JK 07-10 Grab Bar Mount

Perfect accessory

I used this mic holder for the speaker mic on my ht. Works perfectly and holds the mic securely. Using this along with the grab bar mount and mic holder which I use for my mobile unit mic.