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Installation Videos

Please see this great video courtesy of OVERCLOCK3D Jeeps.

Please see this great video courtesy of OVERCLOCK3D Jeeps.

Please see this great videocourtesy of  4LowRocks.

Garmin InReach power mount install video.


A JeepUniq Grab-bar mount is custom engineered attachment that integrates with the passenger side grab-bar in any Jeep Wrangler JKs (2007 to 2018).

Since the interior of the Jeep JK was redesigned in 2011, we have two versions of this mount type: a 2007 to 2010 and a 2011 to 2018 versions.

Unlike the standard JeepUniq Grab-bar Mount, the Clip version attaches (clips) onto the grab bar itself. It is an excellent solutions for those jeepers that have more than one mic (such as a CB and a HAM mic) that need to be within easy arm-reach range.

This is a custom mount for Jeep JK 2011 and newer. It basically replaces the weak and inconvenient mount that comes standard with most Garmin GPSs with a very neat JeepUniq mount. In addition to providing a very stable GPS platform, the mount also allows the Garmin screen to be much closer to the driver, while not interfering with his/her visibility.

RAM Products is one of the most ubiquitous manufactures of mount bases, arms, and attachments in the industry.

Their product uses a 1 inch rubberized ball to attach to their arms. All our RAM mounts have an integrated 1 inch ball to allow integration with RAM Products mount supports.

Click here to see all our RAM compatible mounts.

67 Designs is a premier manufacturer of Jeep  Carbon Fiber Mount Arms and Mount Bases. They use a custom 20mm metal ball mount to attach to their mounting arms and platform. 

See here for all our mounts that integrate with 67 Designs ecosystem.

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