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Add-on Vertical Rails for JK, 67 Designs, or RAM Combo Mounts - 22mm


Vertical Support Rail for Handheld Devices

Expand your existing JeepUniq Combo Mount with an additional rail to support additional devices.

*** New Version includes Battery Eliminator cable cut-out (see pictures) to allow cable routing. ***



  • Cost Effective by leveraging any of our Combo mounts.
  • Easy 10 seconds Install or less installation
  • Safer than other mounts on the market since it's made of strong plastic. No sharp metal edges that can scratch a pet (or a passenger) bouncing around on that awful back washboard on your way to Monument Valley.
  • Made in USA! All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the sunny Arizona.
  • Fitment 

    • Works with any Combo JeepUniq mount. Combo mounts are those that came with a Vertical Rail at the time of purchase.
    • Does NOT work with single device mounts.
    • Please measure your device against the dimensions listed below:Vertical Rail Dimensions
    • W is the Width of the Belt Clip supported by this rail. Choose the width that fits your device.
    • Use the C and B dimensions to ensure that the Belt Clip of your device will be able to grip within the Red Ribbed are in the picture above (the Rail Insert area).

    What's Included

    • One (1) Vertical Rail. This is the latest version that includes a special cut-out to route the Battery Eliminator cable (if you use one).
    • Three (3) Rail Inserts (same as those included with your original mount). Note that regardless the color you choose for your rail, the rails will be black.

    Other Notes

    • The mount is not compatible with extended batteries that either:
      • Make the radio too long such that it interferes with the mount
      • Extend the depth of the device too much such that the unit cannot be secured to the mount
      • Increase the weight of the device by more than 3oz.

    Installation Notes:

    • To avoid damage to your existing JeepUniq mount and/or your vehicle, we strongly recommend that you remove your mount off your vehicle. Use patience and care not to break anything.
    • Make sure not to break the mount when pulling your existing Vertical Rail. On some mounts the Rail will seem to be stuck to the mount - if so, use a blunt screwdriver and a rubber mallet to tap it out.

    Tools Needed to install:

    • No tools needed.

    Our Lawyers Say:

    • Our products are for off-road use only.
    • Obey your local state and federal laws
    • JeepUniq is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of our accessories.

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